The best way to build a website

When it comes to web design, we live by the same rules that apply to any technology: creative thinking that enhances the way we live. Sometimes it’s about making life easier, other times it’s about bringing a completely new experience to reality. Our websites stretch the possibilities of what your business can achieve, by making life straightforward for both you and your customers. We see things from both sides of the picture, and take care of all the complicated stuff in between.

Key tech you can expect from Voice

Keeping it simple for visitors to find what they need, and your team to update content means you’ll find your site stays fresh and customers keep coming back. Choosing the right technology is key. We use and recommend all the following for our clients:

We use the incredibly user-friendly WordPress as our main CMS, and provide all the training you need (usually not much) to get it going yourself

Get your message across to your customers with professional standard email and newsletters, and track their progress

Smash searches and net new visitors with Google’s own advertising too

Stay one step ahead with constant information on where your clicks are coming from, what’s working, and what’s not

Web languages

Apps & Services