Voice increase Cornwall Solar Panels’ enquiry rates by 100%, overnight

Of all our clients, one of the most inspirational success stories has to be Cornwall Solar Panels. They’ve already received both regional & national acclaim – even though they’ve only been in the business 5 years. Now, after teaming up with Voice, their website too has become an overnight success – quite literally.

Having installed over 500 of their ultra high-tech systems, Cornwall Solar Panels are, without doubt, bringing huge savings to Cornish homes and businesses. And it’s not going unnoticed – with a haul of awards including ‘Best New Business’ in Cornwall, and ‘Best New Renewable Energy Installer’ across the UK, the company have dazzled judges and customers alike with their quality – firmly cementing their lead over what is locally a very packed field. As the BBC reported in May, Cornwall is a real hotspot for solar power, with Wadebridge thought to boast the highest proportion of homes with panels in the country.

Reinvestment is key

The man behind the success is MD Tony Sampson – named Entrepreneur of the Year at the Cornwall Business Awards in 2013. He’s firmly convinced that it’s reinvestment, and sticking by his core values, that have brought it about. Which is why he’s been careful to match his sustainable credentials in an economic sense, by investing in the future, and ensuring quality of service is paramount.

It’s long-term stuff. From the start we’ve reinvested a lot of money back into the business – buying the best quality tools, investing in training and so on,’ says Tony. And indeed, the circle is set to continue, as the company are currently polishing their strategy for the next ten to fifteen years. ‘We have strong expansion plans, but for now we’re concentrating on getting everything right, developing our IT systems and processes and just putting down solid foundations.’

Cornish firms team up: quotes DOUBLE in a day

With their growing size, the North Cornwall outfit also have a growing reputation to look after. Although Tony says much of his work comes via the recommendation of happy customers, a major avenue of reinvestment is now advertising and promotion.

It’s clear the firm has big ambitions, and here at Voice, we’re already relishing our task of helping to make them a reality. Having delivered Cornwall Solar Panels a brand new website, boasting a bold, attractive new look, Tony has assured us that the extra business it’s brought has been “absolutely amazing”. By incorporating an innovative new quoting system, which uses Google Maps to find the exact location and direction of a customer’s roof, inquiries doubled almost as soon as the site went live. And it’s critically acclaimed, too. Business Expansion guru, Clare Whitney, of Grow Cornwall and Oxford Innovation, praised the site for its:

“Astounding clarity in navigation and the different audiences the company is communicating with. Very mature, professional and clear…: an excellent representation of Cornwall Solar Panels.”

It’s clear Cornwall Solar Panels are going places, and we feel privileged to be involved. As such great ambassadors for our region’s burgeoning technological industry, long may their success continue.

How we did it:

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