How to name and save images for WordPress.

Naming images is now very important, for SEO (image search is a big deal now), accessibility readers, and as best practise for your own image filing.

It’s the actual filename of the image that needs renaming to something relevant to the content of the image. They’ll often come off a camera as something like JCSO984747.jpg, or another nondescript file ID number.

Using your Quiver Retro Classic board as an example ( this image could be renamed to:

It’s important to get keywords in there like surfboard, longboard, brand name, seabase, location identifier, etc. But remember that the most important aspect is the potential human that may read it, so stuffing the name with keywords is a false economy, i.e. avoid something like ‘surfboard-longboard-surfing-surf-europe-uk-waves-seabase-seabaseeu.jpg’, and also try to avoid complete repetition across all images, some repetition is inevitable, but just a case of avoiding every single image ending with ‘….-from-seabase-surf-shop.jpg’

Important note: Please make sure that each individual word is separated by a hypen, and that every character is lower case.

Please only use characters a-z and 0-9. Other characters such as &, £, $, /, (), ‘, “, ?, ‹, #, etc need to be completely avoided.