Logos: why are they important for small business?

For the BPs and Pepsis of this world, a logo can cost millions, and make millions more. But no matter how small-scale you are, your logo is the very first step between people choosing you, or choosing your competition.

Plymouth is perhaps not so corporate a city as some of its contemporaries upcountry. And as for Cornwall – there’s a reason people come on holiday here, and God knows we’d all like to keep it that way. But no matter how small or localised a business is, you have to be willing to put your name by your work. Hence why a logo is perhaps the most fundamental marker of business professionalism.

Why logos are so important

We live in a world where attention spans are short, the list of competitors is long, and expectations are high. So when it comes down to those crucial few seconds that make up a first impression, a great logo can communicate not just who you are, or even what you do, but also how well you do it. That’s why, as a creative agency, Voice place such importance on your logo – it’s a purpose-built plan to give customers a taste of the unique talent and charisma that every business brings to their field, at a single glance.

Some of the logos we’ve designed here at Voice


Make a lasting impact

And it’s not just first impressions, either. A logo will remain a constant badge of quality throughout all of your firm’s communication, be that digital, print, signage – pretty much anything you produce. Many of our clients have spent years building their customers’ respect, familiarity and trust, and as a business owner, you’d be crazy to allow that to go by the wayside. So as well as being an immediate identifier, the second fundamental job of a logo is this: to serve as an instant reminder to your customers of all that good work, built into one symbol. That’s the power of branding.

Choose carefully…

The moment anyone sees your logo, it’s already doing its work. A good one will attract attention, and inform potential customers on the type and quality of your service, which should hopefully lead to some sales. Providing you have the skills to match, it will help people start to remember you – for the right reasons.

On the other hand, if it’s bland, uninformative, or misleading, it’s doing you a disservice. When micro-businesses and sole traders expand into small businesses, they often find their original logo is no longer apt to represent the quality of their work. This is why it’s always worth investing in a logo that’s fit for purpose – for now, and for the foreseeable future. It’s your name you’re taking to market, after all, so make sure it’s dressed to impress.

And when we say ‘choose carefully’, we mean it. As a BBC business article recently reported: even for world leaders in logo design, “It’s never love at first sight”. So says Sagi Haviv, partner at New York graphic design gurus Chermayeff & Geismer & Haviv.

To illustrate his point, Haviv tells how his firm pitched six ideas to a big client. Of the six, design number two was the only one the man refused to get on board with. “Two hours later at the end of the presentation, he wanted number two and he wouldn’t hear of anything else”.

Part of the bigger picture

As Haviv goes on to explain, “This is why the relationship between the client and the designer is extremely important”. And at Voice, we couldn’t agree more. As we always say – in order to design the perfect logo for any firm, you have to see it as part of their bigger business picture, and as only one – albeit vital – element in any rebranding exercise. That’s why, before pencil even touches paper, we thoroughly explore your business goals, and your customers’ expectations, to make sure we’re on the path to something everyone can be happy with.

As a creative agency based in Liskeard, we understand the local market and what it takes to succeed here. If your business could do with a boost from a new logo, or even a whole-brand refresh, Voice can help. To see more of our branding work, click here.


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