Our First CD: The Voice of Christmas

Last year, we sent out Christmas socks as our official Christmas thank-you. This year, we made our own CD. Sort of.

Every year, we think up a Christmas gift to send out to clients & creative collaborators. Meanwhile, every December, it feels like the world and his grandma have brought out another Christmas record, re-release or cover, in a last-ditch attempt to mop up some of the royalties willingly being splurged on terrible music. As there don’t seem to be many prerequisites to this often ludicrous tradition (singing ability, musical background, etc), we thought we’d join in the fun by bringing out our own Christmas record – without actually exposing anyone to the horror of Voice’s voices.

The original plan was to put together a CD compilation of tracks chosen by each of us. We even made a Spotify playlist in anticipation. However, finding a way to do it was both affordable and legal wasn’t easy. Eventually, we hit upon the idea of buying pre-existing Christmas album, and adding our own removable covers as a sort of wrapping paper. After discovering a haul of 33 copies of The Xmas Pop Album for sale on Amazon, we had a ready-made limited-edition CD. All it needed was a cover, and that’s where the fun started.

Hear our Christmas Playlist on Spotify

The amazing Santa Trees – Cornwall’s Christmassiest corner?

For our cover, we wanted a festive photoshoot that celebrated local business. The obvious photographers were Studio Wallop – Liskeard’s own photo and video maestros – and the only location was at award-winning Liskeard family firm, Santa Trees. We’d popped in for a recon mission at the end of October, when we first spoke to the owner – 65 year Christmas-tree-growing veteran extraordinaire, Ivor Dungey, who despite being in his 80s (he told us he’d started spruce-growing as a hobby at around 16 or 17) still spends his days religiously snipping and pruning his spruces. No mean feat for anyone when you have 26,000 trees to look after! Apparently it takes 12 years to grow a 6 foot tree from seed, and when you’re selling over 3000 a year, you can imagine the amount of work that goes into the Santa Trees harvest. It hasn’t gone unnoticed either – Santa Trees were chosen to provide the tree to 10 Downing Street in 2003. Take a bow, guys!voice-christmas-dungeys

Of course, he’s not alone in his work – it’s a family business, and his daughter Helen kindly showed us around further when we all came down for the shoot, tea and biscuits aplenty. With a workshop full of genius homemade tree-carrying and wrapping contraptions, and a log cabin complete with its own woodburning stove, we’re fairly confident there’s no Christmassier place in Cornwall.

If you want to pick your own tree for next Christmas, call Santa Trees on 01503 220856.

Get an extra present under your tree next year

Being a Voice Group client may well put at least one more present under your Christmas tree next year. In fact, it might put a lot more under there – our design, web, branding and strategy is proven to help grow our clients’ businesses. Call us in the new year, and we can talk you through what we could do for yours.

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Our Christmas promo project: in pictures

Dan, Jim and Lee acclimatising at Santa TreesDan, Jim and Lee acclimatising at Santa Trees.

Charles keeps busy whilst Nick models our chosen jumper.Charles keeps busy whilst Nick models our chosen jumper.

Liam co-directs the shoot with Stephen Tolfrey of Studio Wallop.Liam co-directs the shoot with Stephen Tolfrey of Studio Wallop.

The Voice Group team with Ivor Dungey & his daughter Helen.The Voice Group team with Ivor Dungey & his daughter Helen.

We didn't choose the tracklist. But we did enjoy it.We didn’t choose the tracklist. But we did enjoy it.

The finished cover.The finished cover.

They've arrived!They’ve arrived!

Cases stuffed with Xmas Pop Albums. Compliment slips printed. Jiffy bags labelled.Cases stuffed with Xmas Pop Albums. Compliment slips printed. Jiffy bags labelled.

Ready to go.Ready to go.