Adrenalin Quarry

Branding, Copywriting, Design, e‑commerce, Print, Web
  • Our very first client – and still with us!
  • Full service across all media
  • Cornwall’s 1st mobile site
  • Category-breaking design
  • In-your-face copywriting

Adrenalin Quarry has been breaking new ground since it started. Voice Group built one of Cornwall’s first mobile websites for this extreme sports tourist attraction back in 2009 and forward looking web presence, including mobile ticketing and integrated shop has been a central pillar to its marketing strategy ever since. From day one, the client understood the value of consistent, memorable branding and positioning in a crowded, cut-throat, recession-hit market.

Voice designed, developed and wrote all marketing material online and offline to ensure no dilution of the brand or messaging. With a challenging look and feel inspired by emergency and warning sign iconography, Adrenalin Quarry immediately gained notoriety, news coverage and notice in the public eye. From a standing start in November 2008 to £500,000 turnover in 2012, Voice’s marketing has played a pivotal part in Adrenalin Quarry’s growth.

Whether it’s in-your-face websites & leaflets, bold signage, blunt posters, stylish staff uniforms, eye-catching exhibition banners, cheeky newsletters, or memorable logos – it’s all unmistakably Adrenalin Quarry.

‘Voice must take a large part of the credit for our success. We have outperformed every other (known) tourist attraction in the UK in terms of growth. It would be difficult to imagine how this would have happened without the branding and marketing developed by Voice.’
Will Sneyd, MD, Adrenalin Quarry

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