Ashton House Design

Copywriting, Design, Web
  • Update and modernise presence on the web
  • Clarify messaging
  • Make use of their wealth of photography
  • Improve branding

Ashton House Design are a company that pride themselves on making interiors look amazing. When aesthetics is one of your most important selling points, you have to prove that you know style before customers even walk in the door. We were confident that we could deliver a website as eye-catching and functional as a home designed by Ashton House.

We were commissioned to make them a brand new website at the beginning of 2016 that could match the quality and attention to detail of their interiors. After being given a bank of great photography to use, we decided that seeing their work was much important than reading about it. As a result this became the focus of the portfolio, and much of the rest of the website.

Ashton House Design wanted to go one step further than just photos. With the help of Studio Wallop, we co-created two videos for the website: an animated logo, and a production quality short movie. These high quality videos help draw attention to Ashton House Design as they catch the eye when landing on the website, and are a great resource for drawing new users in through social media.

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