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  • Logo design
  • Full branding & corporate identity
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  • Integrated leaflet & online campaign
  • Full copywriting service
  • Printed stationery & van livery


Will Doyle and Tom Whitley are master structural carpenters, specialising in green oak framing for both traditional and contemporary builds. They are also experienced site supervisors. As their business grew and they encountered increasing success, they knew the next stage in their expansion would be to turn their business into a recognisable brand.

They came to us needing a full brand identity and a slick new website to match. With four years’ experience as a partnership, and an exceptionally strong design background, the duo had very clear ideas about what they wanted from their new corporate identity. For us, it was a matter of interpreting those ideas and making them a reality, through both design and tone of voice.

We created a new logo based on a quatrefoil symbol, and brand colours reflecting green oak and slate blues. The design values then helped inform the brand’s tone of voice, making sure the copy matched their style and ambition perfectly. When the guys were completely happy, we used their considerable photographic and video assets to build a new site in WordPress – the simple ‘web presence’ brief and clear planning helping to ensure an exceptionally quick build.

The boys didn’t just have general ideas about what they wanted from Doyle & Whitley, they also had some very specific plans in mind – like their quite brilliant idea for a leaflet campaign. The campaign promotes their knowledge of the business to both prospective clients and industry links, with a clever use of paper folding techniques to turn each leaflet into a house-like structure. Voice not only designed and organised the printing of this leaflet, but also integrated a vital online element into the campaign with instructional graphics, to drive readers towards their website.

Now with a smart, uniform look and professional tone of voice across all media, Doyle & Whitley are instantly recognisable as the quality brand Will and Tom have so carefully built.

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