Mama J’s Italian Kitchen

Branding, Copywriting, Design, Print, Web
  • Made-to-expand brand developed from a name
  • Striking design to announce presence
  • Clear identity to inform restaurant design
  • Copywriting to establish theme

When we began working with Mama J’s in October 2014, it was a case of interpreting a strong business idea for a new restaurant, and turning it into a brand. Having decided on the name and secured a brilliant location, the client had a very clear idea of how she wanted the restaurant to feel, and we began building out from this. The visual style had to be illustrative, original and highly recognisable – and with plans to expand in the future, have the versatility to be incorporated into a range of thematic motifs.

We started with a striking visual theme – the simple but highly recognisable, polychrome triangles. As an artistic representation of the beautifully varied pizza slices on offer, they reflect the nature of the business – an upmarket but informal Italian restaurant – whilst also garnering maximum attention, in a location where passers-by will likely reach over a million, annually. The simplicity of the design makes it very adaptable – and we’ve used it as effective branding across the board: from the logo itself, to restaurant decor and signage, menus, and digital media.

Next step was to develop the brand personality, with tone of voice that would reflect the passion and natural warmth of the client in all copy from signage to menus and posters. With printed, desktop, mobile and in-house platforms to consider, we now had an established brand style and character to work to. When the restaurant launched in March 2015, Mama J’s was a fully-developed, made-to-expand brand, worthy of any high street hospitality chain.

‘The posters and business cards have just arrived and they are fabulous! They have exceeded our expectations and are exactly what we want to
launch the business.’

Julia Marshall, MD, Mama J’s

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