Our cuckoo process

We’re control freaks. We admit it. But because we insist on a chronological process, you get a smoother service, a better product and sure deadlines you can plan your business around. Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned the technology that keeps everything on track. Our cuckoo clocks are a recent deliberately low-fi addition. They remind us every hour to take a step back from the task in hand and look at the bigger picture.

We work to a ‘pass the baton’ system. Once we’ve finished a task, it’s over to you to check and agree before we move on to the next stage. This way, everyone knows exactly where they are, what they need to do, and when they need to do it by.


You need a new website, a leaflet, the works – but you want to know a bit more about us. The feeling’s mutual. We love our technology, but first contact is always a chat on the phone. After that, we’ll send you a questionnaire & price guide to make your life easier and get you thinking about your project. Any time you need to, though, just talk to us.


You’ve taken a look at our prices and sent back our questionnaire. You’ve told us your budget or we’ve emailed you a ballpark figure. Time to meet up. Yours, or ours – you choose. The meeting will explore your aims and how you can achieve them within budget. Your questionnaire answers are a crucial part of this process.


One meeting is often enough to confirm an estimate that covers the fee for agreed work. If not, we’ll keep fine-tuning the details until everyone’s happy. We understand that your plans can change and our process allows for it. But setting out at the start clear parameters of what’s expected from us and what’s required from you avoids problems later on.


Your business aims drive content. Content informs design. Design enables understanding. In that order. That’s why, whether it’s a quick ad or a 50-page website, we always create and agree content with you before design. Your story is being communicated to the world. We need to get it straight first, so nobody loses the plot.


You’ve signed off the content, given a green light to a campaign idea. We now develop that in the chosen media: web, print, broadcast. This may mean designing a homepage so you can check the look and feel before we roll it out across your site, or showing how your preferred logo route works online, on paper and on the street.


Throughout all these stages there are various mini sign-off stages where the work (and the baton) is handed over to you for your approval before it returns to us. This avoids version control problems and allows for clear lines of responsibility and communication between you, the client, and us, the service provider.


Final sign off before launch is the big one, where we check every last dot and comma – and so do you. We have multiple processes in place to ensure that launches go smoothly and ads go to press correct and on time. When you sign off on a half million leaflet run, you need to know it’s only going to be reprinted because people want more.


By having a process, it means that if little things do need finishing off, or last-minute ideas become crucial additions, we have the structure – and the time – to work things out. You can’t anticipate everything – situations and priorities change. If things go wrong, our solid project management processes puts them right.


Launching your website is just the start of building a rapport with your customers, and you’re only as memorable as your latest ad campaign. To stay relevant to your audience, there’s always more to do. Rather than reacting to growth, we help you plan for it. And each new project goes smoothly through the same tried and tested process…