In 2012, we took over the branding, design and marketing for Looe Music Festival. Tickets sales were 1700. By 2015, they were 7000+.

Great design feeds off the bigger picture. That’s why before pen first touches paper, before the first line of code is keyed in, we establish your goals – and your customers’ expectations.

From there we build a visual style, crafted by our in-house team of talented designers. If you need a new voice to go with your new look, we draft in our own copywriters. And if you need the full works, we’ll put you in touch with our network of specialists, such as local video & animation experts, Studio Wallop.

Graphic design on or offline, sudden impact or slow burn

Voice design websites for desktop, mobile and tablet. We do print, for brochures, business cards, flyers, adverts and tourist attraction leaflets – all made in their millions every year. We design for branding in situ: signage, menus, interiors – even uniforms. We can design for in-your-face-pick-me-up-now immediacy, or we can build awareness subtly. It all depends on you and what you’re trying to do. From the smallest thumbnail to the biggest canvas, we can build your story – whatever you need to say, wherever you need to say it.

Not just a pretty picture

You get more out of Voice, because we’re a full service agency. Sound business strategy shapes content, content informs design, and design gets your audience to listen and react to your message. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a quick flyer for a local event, or a cross-media rebrand for an iconic Cornish company we produce powerful, memorable visual messages that will get you seen and heard above all the noise.

Our approach wins awards…

WINNER: Best Creative Project
Client: Looe Music Festival Cornwall Hub Awards 2013

WINNER: Most Creative Design
Client: Looe Music Festival Cornwall Business Awards 2014

Happy customers…

“Voice Group have delivered us a clean, simple and professional website that best reflects what we do. Our general wishes have been followed however the process has allowed for external creative thinking to make our site a much more relevant and rewarding experience. We have now started to receive enquiries through our site and justifies our commitment to having invested in this process.”

Martin Reed / MD, TAGEVAC /

And more business.

“Voice must take a large part of the credit for our success. We have outperformed every other (known) tourist attraction in the UK in terms of growth. It would be difficult to imagine how this would have happened without the branding and marketing developed by Voice.”

Will Sneyd / MD, Adrenalin Quarry /