Charles Martin

Project Manager

Charles Martin Project Manager

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Acting as a constant point of contact for any client, Charles ensures that the right people are always talking to each other. By taking care of all the serious stuff, he gives us the freedom to think laterally, without risk of going full artist-mode.

Charles does the vital job of managing our relationships with clients, and represents the single checkpoint all communication must go through. He makes sure nothing gets missed, and that our customers get the most out of the skills available in the agency, without being bombarded with creative ideas. Our aim as a team is for our work to exceed expectations, and Charles’ role is delivering that work to budget and deadline with as little disruption to a client’s company as possible.

Before joining us, Charles worked on the Western Morning News business desk: a great education in talking to people at all levels of organisations within the region. It’s something he now does at the start of any project in order to scope out an accurate brief. Soon after he arrived as an intern in 2013, we realised the extent to which his happy-bunny-handling skills were improving us as a company, and offered him a directorship to keep him here.

Outside Voice Group, Charles is a dogged representative of the Philanthropists: the only cricket team in Plymouth who are fundamentally against winning. As a recent veggie convert, he’s also been gradually introducing himself to the full range of the South West’s goat’s cheese/risotto-based dishes.

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