Dan Spratling

Junior Web Developer

Dan Spratling Web Developer

Junior Web Developer

After graduating in 2015 from Plymouth University, where he studied computing, Dan began a full-time internship with us. He’s hard-working, fast-learning, has great technical knowledge, & was characteristically quick to earn the role of Junior Web Developer.

As soon as Dan got here, we threw him in at the deep end to see what he could do. Much to our surprise, and despite not having used it before, it was only a matter of days before Dan could work completely independently in WordPress, proving himself an instant asset to our Dev department. Since then he’s been expanding his WordPress skills and Web Development theory, building websites for clients almost completely unaided after his first month.

Having Dan on board has given us much wider scope to focus on our own promotion. He’s made many improvements to our site which he’s identified and executed since arriving, and has done the same to help improve client sites. Aside from development, Dan’s good design sense and writing ability make him the perfect candidate for a small creative agency like Voice, where it’s vital the whole team can work together to generate and develop new ideas.

In his own time, Dan’s an accomplished tinkerer. Where he’s lost a lot of teeny tiny screws, he’s gained a useful working knowledge of electronics, and has even built his own computer. Despite being a die-hard sofa-sportsman, Dan clearly still feels some obligation to his Somerset farming background. As such, he refuses to relinquish his claim to ‘appreciate living in the countryside’, despite not actually living there.

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