Weekly WordPress Tip Number 1

WordPress Tip #1: Name that pic

Image optimisation for SEO, part 1.

Every picture on your website should have a plain english descriptive name. Why? Because many of your customers are using Google image search to find what they want. When you take a pic, your camera will normally just give it a string of numbers or letters for its name. This is no good for search. Which means you can get a real edge on your competition if you spend a bit of extra effort by clearly naming your pictures.

How to do it.

Keep things simple and think like your customer. If they were looking for your product or service, what words would they key in to Google?

So, let’s say you’ve just started your own microbrewery in Looe, Cornwall and you’ve released your first beer called Riversmeet (because your brewery overlooks the spot where the East and West Looe Rivers join). You’re making everything in small batches. And you’re putting it in bottles. Your image name should go something along the lines of:


Importantly, the name should reflect the image content as naturally as possible, whilst including phrases you think people would use to find it. Don’t stuff it with these keywords, because Google will only penalise you.

Ideally, it’s best to do all this before you upload an image to your WordPress Media Library as the option to change file names later isn’t a core feature of WordPress.

That doesn’t help you if you’re reading this now and you’ve already got loads of nameless images on your website. Don’t worry, there are some good plugins which will allow you to rename files after upload, e.g. Rename Media Files.

But if you want to save time in future, name them first. It’s a profitable habit to get in to.


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