Weekly WordPress Tip Number 3

WordPress Tip #3: Add Alt Text to Your Images

Alt text explains the content of an image. Because Google can’t yet identify images by their appearance alone, it’s a strong ranking factor in image search results.

Originally introduced for the visually impaired, alt text is very important for screen readers, software that uses a speech synthesizer to describe the content of web pages. Although not normally visible to a user, the Alt text helps search engines understand images when they crawl a webpage.

Simply put, Alt text should describe what is show in your picture in plain english terms. It will probably reflect the actual name of your image, though you should alter it to avoid Google thinking you are keyword ‘stuffing’. Having said that, if the image reflects the keyword phrases you want people to use to find your web page, do use that phrase in your Alt text. This way, potential visitors looking for things in Google’s image search might click on your image and then click through to your site.

How to add Alt text in WordPress

Once you’ve uploaded an image to the WordPress media library, click on the image to show the Attachment details window. This displays a preview of the image on the left and on the right are the attachment details, one of which is a field for Alt Text.

Where to place image alt text in WordPress

Enter the alt text into this field and close the window.

It’s worth knowing that if no alt text is entered, WordPress will use the Title text.


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