Voice Intern Programme Graduates

Dan Spratling

Plymouth University

Liam Moran

Advertising & Branding Communication
University for the Creative Arts

Freddie Martin

Graphic Design
Norwich University
of the Arts

Sarah Stagg

Graphic Communication
with Typography
Plymouth University

Nicole Mackey

Graphic Communication
with Typography
Plymouth University

We don’t have a red carpet. We don’t have a special chair.
But we do have red chairs; and one’s got your name on it.
Figuratively speaking.

Have you got what it takes to be our next VIP?

The Voice Intern Programme is designed to provide that elusive stepping stone between education and work. It’s a time-honoured tradition that most internships are offered on the basis of endless errand-running. But, as wonderful as that sounds to us, we’ll make sure you do proper work here. So there will certainly be opportunity – if not an expectation – for you to contribute to live briefs.

VIP works for us because it brings fresh perspectives and keeps our work current. So there’s every reason for us to treat you as a vital member of the creative process. And don’t forget: if you’re as valuable a member of our team as we hope you’ll be, we’re not going to want to lose you to some other agency. We’ve hired interns as full-time employees before, and we’d jump at the chance to do it again, for the right person.

What do I need to apply?

For design interns

  • Strong knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and/or InDesign is a plus; big ideas and creative thinking are essential
  • Portfolio: doesn’t have to be the bumper book of D&AD entries, just make sure it showcases what you can do, in a way that’s clear to understand and easy to look through. PDF format if you’re sending us your portfolio online, please
  • Education: we’d like you to have a degree in graphic design, illustration, or similar. However, if we feel you’ve got the experience & the portfolio to back up your ability, we’re happy to reconsider

For account management interns

  • You’ll probably have a business-related degree, though it’s not essential. You’ll definitely have impeccable organisational skills and a confident, positive personality
  • CV: clear, concise, but also friendly. That’s what we’ll need you to be whilst you’re here, so if you can show that on two sides of A4, you’ve already made a good start

For everyone

  • Personality: you’ll be with us for three weeks. That’s a long time to spend trying to be something you’re not, so just be yourself. You can’t be that bad, anyway. It’s integral to our creative process that you feel confident enough to say what you think; whether you think we’ll like hearing it or not
  • Cover letter or email: we want to hear about who you are, and why you want the position. The next stage would obviously be an interview, so it helps to know in advance if we’ve got Hannibal Lecter coming into the office
  • A vast assortment of terrible jokes. Probably not essential, but there’s definitely a correlation between that and being employed here

What will I get out of it?

  • Crucial experience working on live briefs, to live deadlines, with real clients
  • Vital knowledge of how a full-service agency operates, day to day
  • Realistic opportunity to include published work in your portfolio
  • Realistic chance of a job with us at the end of it, if you’re good enough
  • Minimum £70 a week expenses
  • A reasonably fun three weeks. Especially if you like table tennis

How do I apply?

If you’re ready to take the plunge, call 01579 349 910, and ask for Nick. All CVs and portfolio work can be sent to him at enquiries@voice-group.co.uk.