Weekly WordPress Tip Number 6

WordPress Tip #6: Paste text into WordPress with no glitches

With WordPress you can easily write and edit content on the fly using the Visual Editor. However, many people prefer to create written content offline using a word-processor such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

The problem is, that when you paste your beautifully crafted text back in to WordPress sometimes the formatting goes all over the place. Weird line breaks, strange characters etc. WordPress has got better, over the years, at interpreting and reproducing original formatting, but there are still times looking at the mess on the screen in front of you when it might feel it’s quicker just to do it all over again from scratch.

For those occasions, there’s a nifty little ‘Paste as text’ option in the toolbar. When toggled, ‘Paste as text’ will cause any text to be inserted to have all formatting removed. You can then apply formatting using the Visual Editor Tools. Which is often quicker than fixing broken formatting.

How to do it?

The toolbar in the Visual Editor is arranged on two rows. As the bottom row can be toggled on and off, if you are only seeing one row, click on the last icon in the row to toggle the appearance of the bottom row.

How to toggle the bottom toolbar in the WordPress visual editor

On the bottom row there is an option for ‘Paste as text’ which has a clipboard icon. Click this icon to activate plain text mode, causing all text to be pasted as plain text without formatting.

Paste as plain text icon in the WordPress visual editor

Note: updates to the toolbar in WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan”

The Visual Editor toolbar has recently seen some changes in the latest update of WordPress. Some of the buttons have been rearranged to encourage proper use of the formatting tools.

The headings dropdown has been moved to the top row, to emphasise its importance and encourage usage, whilst the strike-through and horizontal rule buttons are now on the bottom row. The buttons for underline and justify have been removed completely.


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